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The HEART of Cooking contains over 170 recipes from over 130 of your favorite authors.  

For a complete author list, see below.  Many of these authors are New York Times bestsellers and USA Today bestsellers.

Each recipe is accompanied by a short blurb about the author.  Several of the recipes contain personal stories as to how the recipe came about.

Our stock is running low (we have less than 100 left.)  So buy one for yourself and receive a free one to give to your family or friends.  Your purchase is tax-deductible, since we are a 501(c)(3) organization.

They may be purchased directly from this web page.
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Below you will find some of the authors that have contributed their very own personal recipes to our celebrity cookbook fundraising project.  (Click on an author's name to visit their website.)

AlTonya Washington
Amanda Ashley

Amanda McCabe
Amanda McIntyre

Amy J. Fetzer

Anita Bunkley

Ann Roth
Ann DeFee

Anne Gracie
Annie Burrows

Annie Kelleher
Barbara Delinsky

Becky Barker
Beverly Barton

Beverly Jenkins
Brenda Janowitz
C J Carmichael
Cara Colter

Carrie Turansky
Carrie Weaver
Catherine Mann
Chandra Sparks Taylor

Cheryl St. John

Cheryl Wolverton

Christina Hollis

Christine Merrill

Christine Rimmer
Cindy Gerard
Claire Baxter

Curtiss Ann Matlock

Dana Marton

Deanna Raybourn

Deb Kastner
Diane Chamberlain
Dianna Love & Karl Snell
Dominique Burton

Elaine Overton

Elizabeth Lane

Ellyn Bache
Emilie Richards

Fiona Lowe

Gail Barrett

Gail Gaymer Martin
Gayle Wilson

Helen Brenna

Holly Jacobs

Hope Tarr
India Grey
Irene Hannon
J. T. Ellison

Jacqueline Diamond

Jane Toombs

Janice Sims
Jean Brashear

Jenness Walker

Jennie Adams

Jennifer Greene

Jennifer Morey

Jill Sorenson
Joanne Rock
Julie Cohen
Kara Lennox

Karen Gatt

Karen Harper

Karen Rose Smith
Karen van der Zee

Kat Martin
Kate Austin
Kathleen O'Reilly

Kay Thomas

Kimberly Lang

Kristan Higgins

Laura Wright

Lauren Nichols

Lee McKenzie

Leigh Bale

Linda Conrad

Lindsay McKenna
Lindsay Faith Rech

Lisa Harris
Livia J. Washburn
Lois Greiman

Loree Lough

Lori Foster (L. L. Foster)

Lorna Michaels

Lucy Monroe

Lyn Cote

Lynn Isenberg

Mallory Rush

Margo Maguire

Marin Thomas

Mary Connealy

Mary Jo Putney
Mary Sullivan

Megan Hart
Melanie Milburne

Meredith Efken

Merline Lovelace

Merrillee Whren
Michelle Douglas

Michele Dunaway

Michelle Styles

Natalie Anderson
Nicki Richesin
Nicola Cornick

Nicola Marsh

Patricia McLinn
PD Martin
Peggy Webb

Poonam Sharma

Rachelle McCalla

RaeAnne Thayne

Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick)

Roberta Gellis

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Mallory

Sarah Morgan

Sheri WhiteFeather
Stacey Kayne

Staness Jonekos

Stephanie Draven (Stephanie Dray)
Stevi Mittman

Sue Owens Wright
Susan Hubbard

Susan Lyons (Fox)

Susan Mallery

Susanna Carr

Toni Blake

Victoria Bylin

Victoria Chancellor

Virginia Smith

Wendy Corsi Staub

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